What's the Beef about Sprawl?  

As you may already know, farmland and other open spaces provide us the greenery that keep our climate cool, air clean, and bellies and souls fed.


Sprawl, on the other hand, paves over vast swaths of green space, and encroaches on this source for food, clean air, vitality, and comfort; if we do not take action to rein it in.

Stomp Out Sprawl started as a local campaign to save farmland and open space in Gilroy, California, the world's garlic capital. We think it ironic that we would have to make such a stink to save the global Garlic Capital's open spaces, but we did! The opposition was very well funded. However, in November 2016, our grass roots effort paid off, winning a whopping 2/3 of the local vote. Now, as designers of these first campaign materials, we continue to champion this vision by sharing our original winning graphics, and new inventions too, with the world.

We invite you to join the movement to defend farmland and open space, live sustainably, and Stomp Out Sprawl!

-Team Stomp Out Sprawl

Designs to Spur Sustainable Living